Add Beautiful Trim to Your Building

Add Beautiful Trim to Your Building

We sell millwork trim and create custom trim in Eagle, ID

Do you want classic trim for your walls, doors or windows? Would you like custom millwork to frame your artwork? You can come to Eagle River Door and Glass for millwork trim or frames from several client-preferred brands, including Trimco Millwork. You can also hire us to make custom millwork in Eagle, ID. Call 208-514-2088 right away for a free estimate on your personalized project.

Choose from a wide range of options

Some stores only stock a few supplies for millwork trim. When you work with us, on the other hand, you can pick out prime and finger joints in a variety of wood species. If you don't see what you're looking for, our team with more than eight years of experience can create it. Ask your team about the profile that you have in mind today.