Shower Doors

Broken Shower Door? Give Us a Call.

Broken Shower Door? Give Us a Call.

We can replace your glass shower door in Eagle, ID

If your shower door doesn't close properly or has come loose from its track, what can you do? You can call Eagle River Door and Glass to replace your glass shower door.

Our team in Eagle, ID offers:

Pivot doors
Swing doors
Bypass doors
Barn doors

You can choose a door from a brand that we trust, like C.R. Laurence or Hartung Glass Industries. Meet with us right away to see our full range of glass shower doors.

Our range isn't limited to glass shower doors

Our selection includes plenty of options to choose from, so you can also call us for a new opaque or decorative shower door. Additionally, we offer bathroom mirrors, so you can give both glass surfaces in your bathroom an update. Call 208-514-2088 now for a free estimate on a mirror, opaque shower door or decorative shower door.